Pledge to vote

The students brought out awareness rally from Law Garden to Sardar Patel Stadium in the city. Holding up placards and banners they prompted people to vote. The message conveyed to the adult population of the state was to exercise their franchise in the upcoming Gujarat assembly elections. Chairperson of Calorx Foundation Manjula Pooja Shroff "While Gujarat has always seen fair voter turn-outs, it is alarming to see the educated urban voter adopt a laissez-faire attitude towards elections. These voters are well equipped to make an informed and enlightened choice and yet act lazy. The campaign is an initiative by Calorx to make children, the future citizens of our country, take the lead for the cause of democracy." The foundation wants this campaign to change the sensibilities of many who will eventually realize the impact of their individual votes with the credit for the change going to children. The students also went for a door to door campaign at nearby residential society and urged people to vote. They explained to people why it is important to vote and why they should vote. They asked the people of the society to sign a pledge and also reminded them on the day of the election to go and vote. Students and teachers also visited Shilaj Village and Kalhar Bungalows to speak to the residence about the importance of their vote.

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