Personal Project

Riya, who studies in the MYP year 5, at mon Calorx Global School, has been working on her personal project since June. She worked with three NGO's, which included VISAMO Foundation and two others from Gandhinagar. She put together a show with this bunch of kids and teenagers. This cultural journey practically took everybody on a tour to the vast expanse of India starting from the dunes of Rajasthan to the tea gardens of Assam to the culturally breathtaking South. The kids presented in a spectacular way the rich cultural heritage of India through various dance forms. They reiterated the whole feeling of that dance and music have no boundaries of language, and literally dance and music can bring everybody together. Riya had been working to bring this show together, since last two months. She organized everything right from the choreography, costumes, booking the venue to going and talking to the sponsors, and she says though it was not easy but the entire journey has helped her evolve as a well rounded person.

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