Operation Smile

mon Calorx Global School took up the initiative to create smile across the faces of young children. Our school is a part of the operation smile project. Operation smile is an international children's medical charity that heals children's smiles, forever changing their lives. Every three minutes a child is born with a cleft and it is difficult for them to socialize, eat, speak and smile. Everywhere around the world, there are cases when the parents can' t afford cleft surgeries and that is when Operation Smile comes into the picture. The website link is http://www.cois.edu.in/. It provides with the much needed surgical services and much needed doctors to help bring a smile upon their faces. At our school we send student volunteers along with teachers to the program. Our students work as volunteers and intend on working as volunteers to make ends meet and at the end bring smiles. At the program the students comfort the families of the patient and answer their questions which create a warm environment. Also our students have painted the patient rooms so that the child feels comfortable staying at the hospital. Thus the hospital won't feel like a hospital for the kids. Meanwhile some students work on creating 'goody bags'. Goody bags are paper bags which carry the basic amenities that the patient would require after their operation. The students create the bag by themselves and the bags include amenities like a towel, toothbrush and toothpaste. Apart from working the students bring T shirt's which are used in creating operation gowns for the patients. The process is pretty simple, the students select a T-shirt that is slightly longer than the child and create a gown out of it. Along with creating gowns and goody bags, our students have been assisting the doctors during surgery where they get to observe the surgery very closely and the students have also been filling out the patient charts. The volunteers have been working hard to create a difference.

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