Medical Camp at Nasmed Vilage

Nasmed is a village around fifteen kilometers from the main city. In this village, the students of Diploma Programme organized a medical camp on 29th September 2011, whereby, they offered basic health and dental checkup for government school students and villagers. They came up with several presentations in the local language and showed the harmful effects of consuming tobacco. They also stressed upon importance of maintaining proper hygiene which can prevent sicknesses. Students of middle year programme demonstrated their science projects and gave the working models to the school for future use. The Nasmed Prathmik Shala school staff and villagers extended a very good support. The participation was encouraging. CAS (community, action and service) is one of the core components of IB Diploma programme. This project was part of the service component of CAS activity. It made them aware of themselves as members of communities with responsibilities towards each other. ' Our students came to know about the realities of life faced by villagers' said one of mon Calorx Global School teachers. Students also appreciated the beauty of village life with greenery around. Such a wonderful sight is rear in the city. ' This is the beginning of extending our support to this village, we will come here again in the Joy of Giving Week', said Aditi Makwana and Rohan Shah, students of Diploma Programme. The students are also looking forward to conducting workshops consisting of lessons in Mathematics and English in future.

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