There is a huge demand and supply gap for the quality K-12 School in India. Parents are looking out consistently for renowned schools to get the best education for their children. Edupreneurs entering into this segment now have a better chance of success because of the high willingness in Indian middle class to pay for good education, the parents wish to inculcate better awareness in their children and want to provide them with the best schooling experience.

Looking at the needs of parents and children, today Kalorex offers an integrated solution in the form of K-12 quality Kalorex Schools & neighbourhood Preschools. Children after completing their pre-schooling are given admissions in our main line schools. From blackboard teaching to technology- enhanced pictorial reading, education has gone through major changes over the past decade drifting towards the interactive and holistic method of teaching.


One of the top attractions of education sector for partners is the long opportunity window it assures.

Kalorex Group successfully operates 40+ projects and invites individuals, trusts and existing schools, passionate about providing quality K-12 education to be the partners in progress.

Its’ enhanced benefits of the brand gives it the edge over others; therefore Kalorex is emerging as the preferred education choice across offerings.

Let income be a by product of your first-rate social work, meet the ever increasing demand for quality schools and be a change in enabling individual transformation.


Calorx Public School is a chain of quality K-12 English medium schools, professionally managed autonomous education institution with nearly a decade of experience. Today, it is a name synonymous with education par excellence, having a professional approach, sound management principles and modern technology. Since its inception, the main objective has been to shape students into Glocal learners i.e students with a Global exposure who are capable of achieving success at an international level while at the same time inculcating the Indian value system within them. Each stage of learning is systematically planned keeping the child in focus. Calorx Public School has created a self developed teaching methodology called Taxonomy by adapting the best practices in teaching across the world. The thematic approach of the curriculum takes the child beyond books and classroom, making the learning process joyful and meaningful. We at Kalorex have put together a professional management and education team with responsibility of delivering good quality standardized education across all schools at a price which is affordable to each class and segment of society. 

Kalorex Pre-School aims to develop literacy skills, provides empirics that enrich each child’s social, emotional physical, cognitive, Intellectual and creative abilities. The vision of Kalorex preschool is to provide a happy, safe & loving environment through child friendly and modern curriculum that also strives to inculcate Indian values within a child. Our prime objective is to shape a “Happy Confident Social Child” Kalorex offers a unique learning model for preschools, which aims at providing the best and the most advanced early educational theories being used worldwide by its self developed “Taxonomy of Kalorex for Preschool”. Our curriculum is mainly a blend of Maria Monetessori Method and Jean Piaget’s Cognitive Theory with a flavour of Multiple Intelligence Theory and Reggio Emilia Approach. It is designed to include global learning with local values also known as “Glocal Learning”. Kalorex Preschool is an opportunity for you to set in on a rewarding journey towards true achievements and accolades. We are looking for franchise partners having the right mind set, inclination to be in Pre-schooling with adequate investment capacity. Our aim is to set these schools to give quality foundation to children.